Workers’ Compensation

A proactive approach to return injured workers to a healthy, productive life.

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Today, managing the cost of a workers’ compensation claim is less about managing the claim and more about managing the medical costs.  We believe that our integrated claims and managed care solution delivers the best way to understand and manage workers’ compensation claim costs.

Our proactive approach to workers’ compensation claims combines predictive data analytics, clinical review and claim expertise, and adaptive technology to lower costs and guide claims to better outcomes, including returning injured workers to a healthy, productive life at home and at work as soon as possible.

Because we own our managed care solution, we can seamlessly integrate our managed care services into our workers’ compensation claims process. This gives clients a single, powerful and transparent solution for achieving better outcomes for injured workers and for managing total cost of risk.

Easy access to an array of managed care tools, resources, information and insight helps our adjusters thoroughly understand the medical aspects of each claim and guide injured workers to the right care from the right provider at the right time.

Our adjusters are also skilled in recognizing the signs of potential fraud and utilizing our special investigative unit’s resources to verify legitimate claims and to fight fraud when they find it.

Workers’ Compensation for Group Programs

York’s national reputation as a leader in creating self-insured, state-funded and retrospectively rated group plans allows employers to take full advantage of state provisions that permit employers to band together to enjoy lower workers’ compensation premiums and maintain greater control over their programs.

Workers’ Compensation for Self-Insured Groups

Self-insured group programs (funds) are a risk vehicle to which York has brought innovation as a way of managing clients’ workers’ compensation cost structure for more than 26 years. Over this time, York has been instrumental in developing and implementing several workers’ compensation funds in conjunction with trade associations.

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