Our adjusters are experts in managing the complex coverage issues, litigation and costs associated with energy and environment claims. From thorough investigations to working with governmental agencies, we can help you manage the impact of claims on your bottom line.

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Our environment and energy claims team consist of seasoned claims professionals, many with law degrees.

York’s team of environmental and energy adjusters work in conjunction with insurers, contractors, environmental contractors, testing laboratories, remediation companies (water, mold, lead, and asbestos), consultants and waste facilities.   We also focus on the ‘on-shore’ energy industry and its related operations including; contracting, consulting, manufacturing, distribution and transportation of associated product and waste, utilities providing local energy supply and retail markets including service (gas) stations.

The claims we manage typically involve complex coverage issues, first notice litigation and the need for thorough investigations to clearly understand the insured’s scope of work, industry standards for that work, duties owed, duties breached and appropriate evaluation of the damages, and where appropriate, true clean-up costs. This often includes peer reviews of industry professionals which have the expertise to assist us in our investigation and evaluations.

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