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Seasoned claims specialists who handle all types of general liability claims.

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We handle all types of general liability claims, including bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, construction defect, pollution liability and site-specific pollution liability. Our liability teams are the key to our success, and include seasoned claim specialists, attorneys, engineers, doctors and former law enforcement professionals.

Starting with initial contact, our adjusters focus on thorough investigation and evaluation of each claim and an accurate assessment of liability. We also evaluate each claim for possible fraud and for subrogation opportunities. Our adjusters’ extensive experience means clients have the benefit of well-tuned judgment about when and whether it is more advantageous to settle, mediate or litigate claims, and when investing in experts or investigation will ultimately result in a lower indemnity payment.

Our adjusters are skilled negotiators who proactively and aggressively work to resolve claims as quickly as possible and to avoid litigation. On those claims where litigation is the appropriate choice — or cannot be avoided — we work collaboratively with counsel, but the adjuster remains in control of the claim and the litigation. This helps us avoid unnecessary steps or costs and ensures that we continue to push to resolve the claim prior to a trial.

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