Claims Management overview

Best in Class Services for Adjusting Claims and Controlling Costs

York is one of the premier third-party administrators (TPA) in the country.  With an average of 16 years of experience, our adjusters are among the most knowledgeable in the industry, and because York specializes in only a limited number of industry sectors, they are able to develop an expertise in handling the specific types of claims our clients experience.  They understand each customer's unique concerns and tailor claims handling strategies to each customer's specifications.

Claims sent to York are quickly triaged and routed to a designated team and to the adjuster best able to adjust the claim. This approach means routine claims are handled quickly and efficiently by our general staff, while complex claims -- such as those involving loss of life, toxic torts, high dollar losses, and class action suits -- are handled by our most experienced professionals.

Lower-than-average-industry caseloads allow our adjusters to make the right decisions in the best time frame.  Unlike some TPAs that focus on pushing through the greatest volume of claims – an approach that frequently leads to overlooked opportunities and costly mistakes, York gives each of its adjusters the time to make the right overall cost decisions, which ensures there are no surprises along the way.

Everything we do is focused on driving down your overall cost of risk as a way of creating greater value.

At York we don't just process claims – we manage them.


Automobile Liability

Each year, York handles thousands of automobile claims - collision, comprehensive, liability, garagekeepers' liability, hazardous material, and PIP - quickly, efficiently, cost effectively and with a strong focus on customer service.

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General Liability

At York, we handle all types of general liability claims, including bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, construction defect, pollution liability and site-specific pollution liability.

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York's staff of field adjusters, investigators and administrative adjusters is among the best in the industry for settling any property claim from a small homeowner's loss to high-dollar catastrophe claims.

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Workers' Compensation

At York, managing workers' compensation claims means providing high quality care to injured workers so they can return to health and a productive life, which includes work activities, as soon as they can and at the same time helping our clients manage their total cost of risk in this area.

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In addition to claims management for traditional workers’ compensation insurance programs, including self-insurance, York offers solutions for clients who chose not to subscribe to traditional workers’ compensation insurance, where permitted by state.

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York's Environmental Division specializes in adjusting claims involving pollution from underground storage tanks (UST).  This team is also involved in and auditing and monitoring the cleanup process.

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Product Liability

With their potential to generate huge awards and intensive media scrutiny, product liability claims require an expertise and technical know-how that goes beyond most other types of liability claims.

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Inland and Ocean Marine

York offers claims handling and risk management services for most lines of ocean marine and inland marine business, including contractors' equipment, equipment floaters, builders' risk, commercial output policy (COP) and fine arts.

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Professional Liability

Professional liability claims are handled by our experts at YorkPro.® Each member of the YorkPro team is experienced in adjusting professional and management liability claims, and has a proven track record as an attorney and experienced litigator. 

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