Medical Case Management

Case management solutions tailored to the needs of the injured worker and employer.

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Our case managers provide the right level of intervention and management at the right time to ensure that care is coordinated and expedited, that the best medical options are chosen, that costs are managed effectively.

We offer telephonic and full field case management solutions and tailor our solution to the needs of the injured worker and the employers’ preferences.

York’s case managers work closely with injured workers, their families, the physicians treating them, and their employers to ensure everyone involved in the claim share information appropriately and remain focused on returning the injured worker to productive status as soon as possible. Our staff of review physicians is available to case managers for consultation and assistance on the claim.

Our case managers will also assist employers with developing successful return-to-work programs, including working with providers and employers to ensure the injured worker returns to an appropriate transitional duty job. And, of course, we will guide injured workers throughout the process.

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