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Getting injured employees back to productive status faster.

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The longer an injured employee is off work, the less the chance he or she will return to work, and the greater the impact that absence has on your organization.

York’s Right Return SolutionsTM get injured employees back to productive status faster to reduce the cost and duration of workers’ compensation claims and the overall impact of employee absence on your organization’s productivity.

Our team of return-to-work experts will partner with you to create a custom return to work solution that works for your company, your culture and your people. Our solution includes both transitional work options and remain-at-work alternatives that can prevent workers from incurring lost time.  Our flexible solution can also help employees with non-occupational injuries avoid time out of work or return to work faster.  Right Return Solutions are available as an integrated suite of services or on a stand-alone basis.

Our Right Return Solutions are available as a comprehensive suite of services or individually on a stand-alone basis. Our team of experts can work with – and even as an extension of – your claims, risk management and absence management teams to integrate our services into your existing programs. We also can work with other stakeholders, including labor and employee groups, to ensure we are meeting all parties’ needs.

Our comprehensive  “end-to-end” approach also ensures that your return to work program is built on a strong foundation, offers a variety of options to maximize productivity during an employee’s recovery and is managed efficiently. Right Return Solutions also help you comply with all legal requirements including the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) and state workers’ compensation statutes.

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