Case Management Services

Case managers work with all parties to a workers’ compensation claim to promote remain at and return-to-work solutions.

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Case Managers are usually considered to be part of the managed care or claims management team, but they play an integral role in the success of a transitional duty program. Case managers help manage treatment to reduce claim costs and lost work days, and ensure the injured worker is receiving high-quality, effective care.  They also work with providers to help them prepare injured employees to return to work, facilitate the release of an employee to return to duty by communicating job and transitional duty requirements and options to medical providers.  Just as important, case managers keep employees motivated and focused on recovery and return to work.

Because not all injuries require the same level of intervention, we customized case management services to match the specific needs of each injured worker and preference of the employer. Case management can be provided in person (Field Case Management) or telephonically (Telephonic Case Management) based on the need of the claim.

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