Transitional Work Services

Transitional Work Services offer workers a productive work option – opposed to just light duty.

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Once an employee is medically stable, our team will match them with a light duty or transitional work assignment that allows them to return to productive status safety and as soon as it is medically possible. As part of our individualized solution for each employee, we’ll work directly with the medical providers, employee and manager to ensure a safe, successful return to work.

Ergonomic assessments are an important component of process to ensure that we properly match the design of the workplace with the capabilities of the worker.

An ergonomic assessment helps match the design of the workplace with the capabilities of the worker. This approach promotes safety, performance, and productivity while removing the risk factors that can lead to new injuries or aggravate exiting ones.

Formal written progress reports help managers track the progress of the employee throughout the program. We also can work with labor/employee groups to ensure we are meeting all parties’ needs.

Our Right Return Solutions program delivers meaningful results. In a study involving York clients, employers with a transitional work program saw significant improvement in several key measures of claim costs and business productivity.

Average Medical Cost 11% Lower

Average Indemnity Cost 22% Lower

Average Lost Time Days 46% Lower

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