Vocational Evaluation and Job Search Services

When injured workers can’t return to their employer in any capacity, we help them find opportunities elsewhere.

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Some employees’ injuries prevent them from returning to their workplace in any capacity, even light duty or transitional assignments. But they still want to work and their employer still need to manage the ongoing costs of their workers’ compensation claims. Right Return Solutions offers vocational evaluation and job search services to help those employees find jobs where their limitations or disabilities can be accommodated.

Our experts provide a full menu of vocational services to assist in identifying, securing and maintaining a suitable job based on individual goals including Vocational Evaluation, Career Exploration, Job-Seeking Skills Training, and Job Placement and Development.   All services are provided in the local community where our experts are familiar with the labor market and employers in that area. Our Vocational Specialists are experienced and understand the challenges encountered when searching for employment, and assist job seekers in overcoming those barriers to be successful in the work place.

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