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Customized risk assessments, consultative services, targeted training for workers and managers.

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We offer a full array of loss prevention services, including customized risk assessments, consultative services, targeted training for workers and managers and for all lines of business.

Loss Control Surveys and Assessments

York Risk Control offers loss control surveys/underwriting assessments for all lines of business and any industry. Surveys can be:

  • Physical – Performed by our nationwide network of experienced, highly-credentialed loss control consultants.
  • Virtual – A cost-effective alternative to traditional onsite inspections, combining telephonic interviews with internet research to produce verified data about operations, exposure and controls.

Consultative Services

Clients become partners in the process of finding the loss control solutions that work best for their specific needs. In addition, we will work together as needed to ensure successful implementation of your chosen course of action. Services include safety visits, current safety program evaluations, basic safety training and office workstation ergonomic assessment.

Technology that make the Difference

Our powerful and patented loss control systems keeps the work on deadline, alerts you when things get off schedule, is customizable to your underwriting guidelines and makes it easy to see ‘at a glance’ the status of any assignment.

Recommendation Management

Utilizing York’s Recommendation Management feature can be a real game-changer for busy underwriters and risk managers. By automating one of the most critical and time consuming parts of the assessment process, recommendation letters are sent on time. responses are tracked and the entire process is documented.

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