Agency Captives

We understand how to turn premiums into profits that will help your agency grow in any market. We know you constantly look for ways to maximize your ROI; you want more control over how services are offered and delivered to your clients; you are interested in ways to increase your agency’s revenue on your profitable book of business; we know you are looking to drive more organic revenue growth within your agency.

An agency captive is what you’re looking for: a captive owned by an insurance broker, program administrator, or MGA, to provide insurance and risk management services to their clients.

  • York ARS does the heavy lifting to get your agency captive off the ground, providing captive management and unique risk sharing opportunities.
  • We assist with data gathering for captive feasibility and development.
  • York ARS offers access to an established Bermuda turnkey protected captive cell facility.
  • Unique risk-sharing partnerships reduce the capital required to collateralize a captive insurance program and align economic interests.

We will work with you to ensure you have the tools to provide robust solutions for your clients and profitable results for your agency.

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