Client Services

York Alternative Risk Solutions (ARS) provides expert claims management solutions, but we also understand that providing greater control over how you manage risk is critical.  That’s why we offer a designated Account Executive and Account Services team to provide clients with an unparalleled, additional level of risk management oversight.

You’re in Control

To ensure that claims are managed the way you want, your Client Services team will partner with you to develop claim management protocols as well as a detailed Client Services Plan that incorporates client-specific claims management and communications instructions.  In addition, we welcome your participation in quarterly file reviews and offer online access to claim details, adjuster notes and financials.

Expert Oversight

Your designated ARS Adjusters are experienced in the nuances of managing claims for captives, and will work to develop an effective one-on-one relationship with your clients.  Claim Directors provide additional technical expertise and proactive file reviews to ensure claims are being managed effectively and efficiently.

Measuring Success

We closely monitor important program-specific metrics and offer easy access to key claim, cost driver and variance reports to help identify trends and improve risk management results.

Download a PDF to learn more about how York ARS Client Services can provide your captive with greater risk management control and oversight.


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