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York has been a trusted Public Entity partner for more than 50 years.

It has been our privilege to serve as a trusted public entity partner for more than 50 years, partnering with more than 5800 public entities and public employers, including states, cities, schools, counties, utilities and parks.

We are also approved by every major excess carrier and pool and have built effective relationships with each of them for seamless management of claims that involve excess insurance.

Most importantly, we have a deep understanding of the unique nuances of partnering with public entities, from having a flexible yet disciplined approach to working through the procurement process to providing expert claim and risk management services for workers’ compensation, liability and property claims that help you deliver on your promises to your citizens.  Our robust service offerings also include integrated managed care, absence management, return to work,  and actuarial risk consulting services.

Most importantly, we can create custom solutions that leverage all that York brings to the table, tailored for each clients’ specific needs and delivered through a local team that truly understands your claims, your concerns and your goals.

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