Specialized Loss Adjusting

Expertise and experience for the most complicated claims.

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We handle the most challenging and complex claims, with some of the most experienced adjusters in the industry.

Known for superior levels of experience and education, the professionals of York Specialized Loss Adjusting (SLA) have both line-of-business and industry-sector expertise in industries as varied as mining, manufacturing, energy, construction and financial lines.

With one of the most extensive rosters of industry recognized General Adjusters, York SLA can adjust even the most challenging and complex claims and is frequently called upon to lend its expertise to catastrophes for it’s core clients. With more than 25 years of experience on average, our SLA experts have the hands-on knowledge to bring the most difficult claims to the best resolution.

  • York Specialized Loss Adjusting puts its vast knowledge and impressive reputation to work adjusting the largest, most complex, most unique claims.
  • We represent all leading commercial insurers and syndicates on policy nominations and account management.
  • We understand the complexity of all insurance programs and effectively manage the expectations of insurers, brokers,risk managers and policy holders.
  • York maintains an extensive network of adjusters and has strategic relationships in place that allow us to adjust claims expertly in all areas of the globe.

Both in the U.S. and internationally, we have a proven track record of handling major catastrophe events. Our experts have been involved in most catastrophes over the past two decades. Our proven coordinated response strategies allow us to mobilize quickly, assess difficult situations in hours, and begin to provide assistance immediately.

York SLA adjusters couple their strong technical expertise with equally strong customer service and communications skills. This means you’ll find our professionals willing to extend emergency assistance 24/7. They will also frequently make suggestions and offer solutions to your most pressing and complex risk management problems.


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